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Programs for Students
with Special Needs

Puppets can be a powerful teaching tool for student’s challenged with behavioral, physical, or mental handicaps. Dianne is licensed and has taught children with Mild and Severe Mental and Physical Handicaps. She has also run successful puppet programs with emotionally challenged children and children with Autism. Here are some of the things that have worked:

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Assembly Performances
Fun with Puppets
Building Puppets
Put on a Show 
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Assembly Performances
(35-45 minute program for larger groups)

Dianne will modify the story line, length of show and introduction to accommodate student needs. Example: Students with autistic tendencies may need to see the giant puppet first and find out how the puppeteer fits inside. Loud noises and crowd participation may be also be modified as needed.

lioness.jpg (36288 bytes)Queen Lion of Africa: A grand old lioness makes a royal appearance to share how her African lion ancestors gave all creatures different gifts. Find out why he gave the elephant a trunk, the giraffe a long neck and many others.   The Lioness is an 8 -foot tall puppet.  35-45 min program

Ragamuffin the River Raccoon:
Ragamuffin tells a spirited story about life with the many creatures (humans included) who share the river bank with her.  Ragamuffin finds a new unexpected friend and learns friendship has no color, culture or even scent boundaries.  Ragamuffin stands 8 feet high.
                                          35-45 min program

Irish Giant Sarah MacCoul: Tells the story of how her legendary husband Finn MacCoul defeated the feared Scottish giant Fergus. Finn beats Fergus not because of his immense size and strength, but rather Sarah’s own wit and wisdom. Sarah comes alive as a memorable 8-foot giant parade puppet who needs a room with at least a 9-foot ceiling to perform. 35-40 min program

Big Bad Wolf’s Mama: Guess what! The Big Bad Wolf has a mom. She comes in person to tell the story of her son and why he was big but not really so bad. Learn what his favorite food was and why he couldn’t live with out it. Mrs. Wolf is an 8-1/2 foot tall puppet.35-40 min program


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Fun with Puppets:

behind2.jpg (16998 bytes)This workshop provides a short introduction to the world of puppetry through hands-on play with puppets. It will be geared to the physical and mental needs of the students involved. Verbal skills are not needed to enjoy this experience. This program has worked well with teenaged students with behavior issues. They found an unexpected way to "play"!
                           hour-1 hour (prek- high school)

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Building Puppets

Each student will create their own puppet made of house hold items  like sponges, scrap ribbon, and paint sticks. Dianne will help you pick a type of puppet that will fit for your student’s ability and interest. Example: Middle school students with behavioral challenges may enjoy building large super heroes who can go on to tell stories about saving the school from some pending disaster. 60-80 min (PreK – High School)

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Put on a Show

Dianne uses a fun informal variety show type format to give students a performance experience that is comfortable and exciting. After students have time to get comfortable with provided puppets, Dianne will show students how to use their puppets behind a stage, to sing, dance, or create a short story. Whole group stories can also be worked out. 60-80 min (PreK – High School)

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Cost: $100 per single workshop/performance
           $225 per half day
           $390 per full day


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