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Elementary/Middle School

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Assembly Performances
Residencies: Multiple Visit Experience
Puppet Investigations: 2 Visit Experience
A Puppet Introduction: 1 Visit Experience
Teacher Workshops
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Assembly Performances
(35-45 minute program for larger groups)

lioness.jpg (36288 bytes)Queen Lion of Africa: A grand old lioness makes a royal appearance to share how her African lion ancestors gave all creatures different gifts. Find out why her ancestors gave the elephant a trunk, the giraffe a long neck and many others.   The Lioness is an 8 -foot tall puppet. 35-45 min program

Ragamuffin the River Raccoon: Ragamuffin tells a spirited story about life with the many creatures (humans included) who share the river bank with her.  Ragamuffin finds a new unexpected friend and learns friendship has no color, culture or even scent boundaries.  Ragamuffin stands 8 feet high. 35-45 min program

Irish Giant Sarah MacCoul: Tells the story of how her legendary husband Finn MacCoul defeated the feared Scottish giant Fergus. Finn beats Fergus not because of his immense size and strength, but rather because of Sarah’s own wit and wisdom. Sarah comes alive as a memorable 8-foot giant parade puppet who needs a room with at least a 9-foot ceiling to perform.  35-40 min program


Big Bad Wolf’s Mama
Guess what! The Big Bad Wolf has a mom. She comes in person to tell the story of her son and why he was big but not really so bad. Learn what his favorite food was and why he couldn’t live with out it. Mrs. Wolf is an 8-1/2 foot tall puppet. 35-40 min program


Cost: $100 per show + mileage
          Discount for Multiple shows on
          the  same day

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~Multiple visit experience~

All residencies are tailored to individual school needs. I can guide students through an intense puppet experience including writing, building and performing a show or give them an introduction to using puppets. Your school and classroom goals and objectives guide the planning process. The following are possibilities:

The Big Show! Students create and perform a multiple act, large scale puppet production. The performance can focus on a variety of themes such as: your schools code of ethics, patriotism, history, or other specific curriculum concepts. Each classroom involved will perform one act of the production. Dianne will guide students in creating the script, building the puppets, practicing for the final performance and may even include writing songs to enhance the show.

General outline and times needed:

  • Optional Introduction: Assembly performance by Dianne
  • Step 1: Dianne will visit each individual classroom 2 times for script writing – 40-60 min each depending on grade level
  • Step 2: Dianne will visit each individual classroom 1 time for puppet building – 60-80 min depending on type of puppets used
  • Step 3: Dianne will visit each individual classroom 2 times to get ready for student performances - 45-60 min each
  • Step 4: Dress Rehearsal – 30 min each classroom
  • Step 5: The Big Show!

behind.jpg (20608 bytes)Student Puppet Performances: Students do it all! Working in small groups, students write scripts from topics studied in science, social studies, language arts or from traditional folktales. Students will make their own puppets out of a variety of materials that may include recycled items or kitchen utensils. They will learn puppeteering techniques, how to stage the show, and may even write songs for their performance. The grand finale will be performing their creation for an audience.

General outline and times needed:

  • Optional Introduction: Assembly performance by Dianne
  • Step 1: Visiting each individual classroom for script writing - 2 times – 40-60 min each depending on grade level
  • Step 2: Visiting each individual classroom for puppet building – 1 time – 60-80 min depending on type of puppets used
  • Step 3: Visiting each individual classroom to get ready for student performances – 2 times- 45-60 min each
  • Step 4: Student Puppet Performances

Cost: $225 per half day
           $390 per full day

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Puppet Investigations:
~2 visit experiences~

Problem Solving with Puppets: First, students brainstorm class situations that could be potential problems (playground teasing, cheating, smoking). In small groups students will use hand puppets to work out solutions. These puppet shows can be used as a teaching tool for younger children and/or a springboard for further discussion about the problem and the solutions they created.                      60-90 minutes per visit grades 1-6

Fracturing Folktales: Students will create variations on classic folktales by twisting the plot or recreating the characters. Soon, Rapunzel will be stranded at the top of a lifeguard tower and her prince will ride in on a motorcycle and convince the sand trolls to let her go. When each small group has their script ideas, then puppets are added and the fun begins. (This works best as a 2-visit program)  60-90 minutes per visit grades 3-6

Show What You Know!: In this program the students use what they have already learned in science, social studies or language arts. After a short intro and info sharing discussion with the class, Dianne will teach the students how to put together a short puppet production that demonstrates what they have been studying. It is a great informal assessment tool or culminating activity. 60-90 minutes per visit gr 2-8

Cost: $225 per half day
           $390 per full day

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 A Puppet Introduction:
~Single visit experiences~

Puppet Building: Each student will create their own hand puppet made of house hold items like sponges, scrap ribbon, and paint sticks. All materials can be provided for a per student fee.         1-2 hours visit
                depending on puppet being built  (prek-8)

Fun with Puppets: This workshop provides a short introduction to the world of puppetry through hands-on play with many different kinds of hand puppets. It is a perfect follow up after watching one of Dianne’s puppet performances.                               hour –1 hour visit (PreK-8)

Animal Stories: This program makes for a very creative oral language experience. Using puppets each student will create crazy stories about an animal. "Hi my name is Marcy. I caught this panda bear by popping it with a pez dispenser. He lives in my garage and I clean his teeth with a squirt gun…" What happens when you bring him to school, Marcy?
                                                                1 hours each visit (grades K-3)

Cost: $100 per single workshop/performance
           $225 per half day
           $390 per full day

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Teacher Workshops:

Teacher workshops will greatly enhance the student's puppet experience. Workshops will engage teachers and give them fun and imaginative ideas for puppet use in the classroom. They are customized to the needs of the group, run anywhere from 15 min. to 2 hours and can include:

  • Multiple Intelligence teaching through puppets

  • Learning how students can build 10 different types of puppets using common household items (paper bags and socks not included)

  • Creative, unexpected ways to use puppets to enhance your curriculum.

  • How to put on a show from start (writing the scripts), to finish (final performance tips)

  • Hands-on puppet building experience

  • Stage building ideas - large, small, or temporary

Cost: $100 per single workshop/performance
           $225 per half day
           $390 per full day


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