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Assembly Performances
Puppet Building with Parents
Fun with Puppets
Put on a Show 
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Assembly Performances
(35-45 minute program for larger groups)

lioness.jpg (36288 bytes)Queen Lion of Africa: A grand old lioness makes a royal appearance to share how her African lion ancestors gave all creatures different gifts. Find out why he gave the elephant a trunk, the giraffe a long neck and many others.   The Lioness is an 8 -foot tall puppet. 35-45 min program



Big Bad Wolf’s Mama: Guess what! The Big Bad Wolf has a mom. She comes in person to tell the story of her son and why he was big but not really so bad. Learn what his favorite food was and why he couldn’t live with out it. Mrs. Wolf is an 8-1/2 foot tall puppet. 35-40 min program

Soon to Come: Zurk Bird: an 8 foot tall, strangely colored bird from a far away place who needs a lot of help from the audience to learn manners and appropriate behavior.

Cost: $100 per show + mileage
          Discount for Multiple shows on
          the  same day

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Puppet Building with Parents:

sponge.jpg (24426 bytes)Each student will create their own hand puppet with the help of a parent or other adult. Puppets are created from junk like sponges, scrap ribbon, and paint sticks. All materials can be provided for a per student fee. 1 hour visit


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Fun with Puppets:

pigwolf.jpg (25612 bytes)This workshop provides a short introduction to the world of puppetry through hands-on play with many different kinds of hand puppets. It is a perfect follow up after watching one of Dianne’s puppet performances. Great for developing oral language skills and social skills in pre-school children.  hour –1 hour visit

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Put on a Show:

2puppets.jpg (19283 bytes)Dianne uses a fun informal variety show type format to give students a performance experience that is comfortable and exciting. After students have time to get comfortable with provided puppets, Dianne will show students how to use their puppets behind a stage to sing, dance or create a short story. hour to 1 hour visit

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Cost: $100 per single workshop/performance + Mileage
           $225 per half day + Mileage
           $390 per full day + Mileage

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