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High School

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Building Giant Puppets
Producing a Show for Younger Students 
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Building Giant Puppets:

Giant puppets make great mascots, entertainment at pep fests, parades and half time shows.

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parade.jpg (34564 bytes)Time needed for building giants varies, depending on number of students involved, type of puppet being built, number of puppets needed.

Generally, giant human figures take 3 building sessions, each session being 2-3 hours long.


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Cost: $100 per single workshop/performance + Mileage
           $225 per half day + Mileage
           $390 per full day + Mileage

       (also material cost per puppet made)

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Producing a Show
for Younger Students:

Small groups of high school students get to create a puppet show from scratch. With Dianne’s guidance students write scripts, build puppets, practice and perform.

Possible Curriculum ties: Social Skills, diversity training, world cultures, liturature

General outline and times needed:

  • Optional Introduction: Assembly performance by Dianne 
  • Step 1: script writing - 2 times – 40-60 min each depending number of participants
  • Step 2: puppet building – 1 time – 60-80 min depending on type of puppets used
  • Step 3: Practice for performances – 2 times- 45-60 min each
  • Step 4: Dress Rehearsal – 60 min
  • Step 5: The Big Show!

Read below to see what Dassel-Cokato 11th and 12th graders did to enhance their child development studies and the learning of the youngsters in their elementary audience.

The following is reprinted from the
Dassel-Cokato Enterprise/Dispatch.

Dassel-Cokato High School students perform puppet show for elementary students

DCHS students take a bow after performing their puppet show.

As a part of the Character Counts Celebration, Dassel-Cokato High School students performed a puppet show for Dassel and Cokato elementary students.  The high schoolers, with the help of local professional puppeteer, Dianne Gasch, wrote the script and made the puppets. 

"Under Dianne's skillful direction, the high school students excelled at developing and presenting their creative big show.  They really took ownership," stated high school teacher, Gail Schwandt, who coordinated the puppet show.

The show focused on a new girl coming to school and how different students treated her.  In the end, all the characters became friends.  The program promoted the Character Building Pillars of respect, responsibility and compassion.

Emily Halonen, a high school junior who participated in the show, said, "It was really cool to see the kids respond to something we worked so hard on."

The event was sponsored by the Dassel-Cokato Youth Trust, Inc.

Above: First graders are delighted
with the singing puppets.

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Cost: $100 per single workshop/performance + Mileage
           $225 per half day + Mileage
           $390 per full day + Mileage

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