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Holiday Stories

ELMER THE ENORMOUS ELF (Christmas) – Wearing his red socks, green knickers, yellow suspenders, string of bells, red shirt and stocking cap, he tells of his problems learning to make toys with the other elves in Santa’s workshop and how he found his special talent. Preschool – Grade 4

A PIONEER CHRISTMAS – Stories about the simple pioneer holiday traditions of the 1800’s frontier and how they used homemade, natural decorations and gifts. All ages.

A PILGRIM: THE STORY OF SAMUEL FULLER (Thanksgiving) – Stories about Bob Gasch’s (multi-great) grandfather who was the doctor for the pilgrims during their voyage and first years in America. All ages.

HALLOWEEN TRADITIONS: STORIES OF THEIR ORIGINS - Trick or treating, pumpkin carving, owls, bats, flying broomsticks are some of the traditional parts of our Halloween celebrations. Why do we use these symbols and how did this holiday originally start? These stories will explain this and more. All ages.

WHO WAS ST. VALENTINE? (Valentine’s Day) – Who was this person and why we honor him is the focus of this story. Explanations of hearts, Cupid, candy and flowers are also included. All ages.

AN OLD FASHIONED 4TH OF JULY - Hear stories about how our grandparents and great grandparents celebrated our country’s independence with picnics, games, races and fireworks. All ages.

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