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Bob's Bio

  • "Our students were captivated by Bob and his stories."
                                                                                           --5th grade teacher

  • "His face and voice have such a range of expression."
                                                                                           --Public librarian
  • "He make Paul Bunyan, my favorite character, come to life."
                                                                                           --Parent of 5 year old
  • "Bob reawoke my imagination and reminded me of the magic of storytelling." 
                                                                                           --Elementary Principal

These are some of the reactions from people who have heard the storytelling of Bob Gasch. Since 1971, he has been visiting schools, libraries and organizations form Alaska to Louisiana and Colorado to Northern Ireland. His presentations have been helping people become more aware of and interested in history, reading, writing and storytelling.

Bob’s background includes:

  • Classroom teaching with Kindergarteners, first graders and special needs students.

  • Over 25 years of working with the YMCA’s camping program here and in Northern Ireland for which he has received both organization and community awards for his outstanding contributions.

  • Being a featured storyteller at Ireland’s National Storytelling Festival

  • Keynote speaker at the Colorado Educational Media Association’s 1993 State Convention

  • Being on Historic Murphy’s Landing (Shakopee, MN) board of trustees

  • Fulfilling various responsibilities with the Western Hennepin Pioneers Association (Long Lake, MN)

  • Owning a Colorado gold mine and belonging to the Clear Creek County Metal Mining Association (Idaho Springs, CO).

  • Membership in various regional and national storytelling organizations

  • Adding to his eclectic children’s book collection

  • Collecting copies of radio shows from the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s

  • Rescuing and restoring historic log cabins and timber from barns, including his 1860 hand hewn oak, log cabin home.

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