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Historical Stories

ABRAHAM LINCOLN - Stories that tell what it was like growing up in a log cabin with his family. Bob tells of Lincoln’s interest in reading, the work he had to do, his schooling and the games and customs of his times.   All Ages.

WE NEED A CONSTITUTION! – This original story tells how two children, living in a land without a constitution, discover a copy of the U.S. Constitution. They use it to help create one for their homeland, A tale that helps everyone understand why our constitution was written and how it affects our daily lives. All Ages.

ZEKE THE GOLDMINER – Tells of his adventures traveling west to the Colorado goldfields and of his success in finding gold. If time permits, a "gold rush" can be recreated, including gold panning lessons.  Grades 3 & up.

CHUCKWAGON CHARLIE – In his old cowboy hat, vest, and red kerchief, he shares tales of PECOS BILL, Charles Goodnight, the Vaqueros and other famous and not so famous cowboys who ate his biscuits, beans, and bacon.  Grades 3 & up.

"ALL ABOARD," AMERICA’S TRAINS – Ride the rails again with the stories of railroading’s steaming engines, brave engineers and firemen, empire building owners, daring train robbers and Pullmans full of passengers, A trip back to the days when traveling by train was THE way to go.  Grade 3 & up, Families, Senior Citizens.

OLD TIME RADIO – Using actual recorded segments, remembers radio shows and people of the thirties, forties and fifties - - Al Jolson, Fibber McGee and Molly, Amos and Andy, Lux Radio Theater, The Charlie McCarthy, and many other shows and people. Grade 4 & up.

THE ONE ROOM COUNTRY SCHOOL – Stories about the special kind of education that took place in these schools including getting to and from school, a typical day, the teacher and special events.  Grade 3 & up, Families, Senior Citizens.

THE PONY EXPRESS – Stories about the strong, brave and wiry young men who carried the mail from St. Joseph, Missouri, to California before the telegraph and railroad had reached across the west. Grade 3 & up.

LIFE IN A LOG CABIN – Tales of how a pioneer family homesteads in the woods, builds their home of log, and how that house evolves over the years.  Grade 3 & up, Families, Senior Citizens.

LOCAL AND REGIONAL HISTORICAL STORIES – Bob Gasch can work with you to present stories about your community’s history. He has wonderful resources for MN, CO, KS, WI, ND, SD, IA, and TX.   All Ages.

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